Dental Assisting has 100 % pass rate on certification exams, again!

Hinds Community College Jackson Campus-Nursing/Allied Health Center dental assisting graduates have 100 percent pass rates on the three components of the Dental Assisting National Board Exam needed to become a nationally Certified Dental Assistant.

Only students/graduates of an American Dental Association (ADA) accredited program are eligible to take the exam while in school or shortly after graduation, said Dr. Richard Gavant, chairman of the Hinds Dental Assisting program.

For the calendar year of 2012 the Hinds program had 27 graduates take all three parts and successfully pass all three parts prior to graduation for a 100 percent pass rate. The combined national average of all three parts for all ADA accredited programs across the country was 85.2 percent.

“Becoming a nationally Certified Dental Assistant demonstrates to the dentists, as well as to their patients, that Hinds Dental Assisting students/graduates have the knowledge base and clinical skills necessary to function exceptionally well in a dental office or clinic,” Gavant said. “The Hinds Dental Assisting program has enjoyed a 100 percent pass rate on the entire Dental Assisting National Board Exam for many, many years, which is due to the dedication and commitment of our students as well as that of the faculty.”