faculty council

Hinds Community College District Faculty Council


  1. To serve as the representative body of the full-time teaching faculty and department chairs with the primary purpose of promoting the interests and welfare of the faculty in academic, professional, and economic areas, insofar as they are consistent with the philosophy and objectives of Hind Community College;

  2. To provide a forum for the communication, understanding, development, and achievement of common purposes among the faculty in institutional matters related to their common interests;

  3. To recommend, through appropriate channels, policy governing the following matters: a) academic freedom, b) faculty responsibility and ethics, c) faculty salary schedule and fringe benefits, d) faculty work load and performance evaluation, and e) academic curricula, as the latter may pertain to the welfare of the faculty, and

  4. To advise and seek advice from the College President and other appropriate administrative officials, including council and committee chairs, on appropriate matters at either the college or operational unit levels.

Meeting Time:

District Faculty Council meets twice per semester and each Campus Committee shall meet at least once a semester. Additional meetings may be called by the respective Council/Committee chairs or resource persons.


As elected by the respective operation units for staggered three (3) year terms beginning July 1 and ending June 30. Underlining denotes members of College Council (Chairperson for each committee)


Raymond Campus Faculty Committee

Jason Webb, Chairperson & District Chairperson, 857-3292; JAWebb@hindscc.edu

Bill Michaels, Vice Chairperson, 857-3642; WMMichaels@hindscc.edu

Ben Cloyd, Recorder, 857-3302; BGCloyd@hindscc.edu

Nancy Allen, 857-3296; NMAllen@hindscc.edu

Melanie Atkinson, 857-3277; MIAtkinson@hindscc.edu

Jeanne Cook, 857-3908; JCook@hindscc.edu

Jennifer Gibbs, 857-3560; Jennifer.Gibbs@hindscc.edu

Sharon Hudson, 857-3522; SRHudson@hindscc.edu

Mike Lee, 857-3636; LMLee@hindscc.edu

Karen Robbins, 857-3402; KERobbins@hindscc.edu

Shane Sprayberry, 857-3273; JSSprayberry@hindscc.edu

Melissa Woods, 857-3789; MSWoods@hindscc.edu


Nursing Allied Health Center Committee

Dr. Kathy Batton, Chairperson, 376-4871; KDBatton@hindscc.edu

Angela Burrell, Recorder, 376-4890; Angela.Burrell@hindscc.edu

Louise Freeman, Vice Chairperson, 376-4852; Louise.Freeman@hindscc.edu

David Hall, 376-4822; DBHall@hindscc.edu


Utica Campus Faculty Committee

Larry Robinson, Chairperson & District Vice Chairperson, 885-7061; LDRobinson@hindscc.edu

Marilyn Binion-Davis, Vice Chairperson, 885-7117; MYBinion@hindscc.edu

Micheryln Smith, Recorder, 885-7018; MDSmith@hindscc.edu

Ivie Ero, 885-7093; Ivie.Ero@hindscc.edu

Gerald Collins, 885-7109; Gerald.Collins@hindscc.edu

Rodney Warfield, 885-7049; RWarfield@hindscc.edu


Vicksburg-Warren Campus Faculty Committee

Everett Carraway, Chairperson, 629-6879; WECarraway@hindscc.edu

Lisa Morgan, Vice Chairperson, 629-6856; LMorgan@hindscc.edu

Brandon Bailey, 629-6809; BSBailey@hindscc.edu


Rankin Campus Faculty Committee

Joy Rhoads, Chairperson, 936-1859; JDRhoads@hindscc.edu

Kim Steil, Vice Chairperson, 936-5501; Kim.Steil@hindscc.edu

Liz Burkhalter, Recorder, 936-1837; EKBurkhalter@hindscc.edu

Judy Isonhood, Alternate, 936-5598; JBIsonhood@hindscc.edu

Angela English, 936-5564; AHEnglish@hindscc.edu

Monica Washington, 936-5514; Monica.Washington@hindscc.edu

Keri Clark, 936-5504; Keri.Clark@hindscc.edu

Jerry Cox, 936-5532; JNCox@hindscc.edu


Academic Technical Center Committee

Shivochie Dinkins, Chairperson & District Recorder, 987-8114; Shivochie.Dinkins@hindscc.edu

Dr. Linda Pates, Vice Chairperson, 987-8136; LHPates@hindscc.edu

Jermeika Burks, Recorder, 987-8143; JDBurks@hindscc.edu



Each campus, branch, and center faculty committee shall elect from their faculty members a chairperson, vice-chairperson, and recorder. The six (6) chairpersons of the local campus faculty committees shall alternate and on an annual basis serve as chairperson, vice-chairperson, and recorder of the District Faculty Council.

Operating Guidelines: The District Faculty Council will address those issues which pertain to all faculty, both secondary and post-secondary. Similarly, the Local Faculty Committees will involve themselves primarily with issues pertaining to their respective local operating units.