Professional Development Institute

PDI Rules & Regulations

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PDI General Information:

    Hinds employees are required to have 10 approved PDI hours. If an employee is not employed a full year, please see the prorate chart.

    3/5 employees and part-time employees who receive benefits must earn 10 PDI hours per year.

    PDI credits accrue from January to December.

Earning PDI Credits at Hinds Community College

    PDI hours for conferences, workshops, MSU on-line classes, and Semester hour classes will be 5 hours maximum per PDI year (January-December).

    A PDI Training Request Form should be completed and submitted to Glenda Edmondson for a conference, workshop, etc. prior to the date of the event. The employee will receive a roster to complete and return to the PDI office at the conclusion of the event, so that credit can be given.

Creating a PDI Course

    In accordance with SACS requirements, supervisors will hold conferences with their department/unit members to review evaluations, and PDI will be planned to provide opportunities for improvement.

    PDI plans for departments or units should be submitted to the PDI Office for approval.

    District and Campus Faculty Councils may submit PDI requests to the PDI Office for approval.

    Honors Forum will submit PDI requests to the PDI office for approval at the beginning of each semester.

    To add a class to the Hinds schedule or develop a class for your department complete the PDI Training Request Form. The request should be signed by your supervisor and sent to Glenda Edmondson before the date of the activity. You will receive a packet of information to be completed and returned to Glenda Edmondson after the PDI session is completed, so that credit may be issued.

Keeping Track of PDI Credits:

    Employees will receive individual reports of PDI hours in May and October. All staff should check these reports and send, by hard copy, any concerns dealing with this report to Glenda Edmondson. All concerns will be researched and responded to as soon as possible.

    At the end of each semester, employees can check PDI credits on the STAC screen of Colleague. The STAC screen is updated at the end of each semester during the final grading process.

Consequences for Not Earning PDI Hours:

    A report listing the names of all employees not earning required number of PDI hours is reported to Dr. Muse in January. The report indicates employees who have not earned the required number of PDI hours for the ending PDI year and the previous PDI year. Employees must earn hours for the current year and previous year to receive a contract for employment for the next year.

PDI Appeal Process

    The employee submits concerns to Director of PDI. The Director of PDI presents the concerns to a committee consisting of deans and PDI representatives from the respective campus of the employee submitting the concern. The committee will make a ruling. The Director of PDI will notify the employee of the ruling.