English Studies at Hinds & ACT Scores

Students begin their Hinds Community College English studies by taking one of three writing courses--English 0113, English 0123, or English 1113--depending on their score on the English portion of the ACT. Students who have not taken the ACT must take the Compass Placement Test, a computer test which is given on-campus and graded automatically.

English 0113 and 0123 are known as Developmental English and do not transfer to four-year colleges and universities. However, a student with an ACT score below 14 in English must pass both of these courses before he can take English Composition I. A student with a score of 14-16 must pass ENG 0123. Scores on the ACT and Compass for each level are listed below.

Course Number Course Name ACT Score Compass Score
ENG 0103 Beginning English 1-13 0-37
ENG 0203 Intermediate English 14-16 38-70
ENG 1113 English Composition I 17-36 70-100
ENG 1113 Honors Honors English Composition I 25-36 83-100

As students progress through the course sequence, they write longer, more complex papers, with each course building on what was taught in the preceding course. At each level students are also assigned required reading. The required papers for each course are listed below, with all test writings being done in class unless otherwise noted.

Course Number Writing Requirements Length Requirements
ENG 0113 8 Tests

Writings written in class;

3 paragraphs must be responses to readings

125 Words, 10 Sentences
ENG 0123 6 Paragraphs:

3 Extended Paragraphs

3 Short Essays

2 writings must be analytical responses to readings;

at least 4 writings must be expository

200 Words
350 Words
ENG 1113 5 Essays

80% Written in class

Final Exam Essay

At least 4 essays must be expository and 2 essays must be responses to readings.

500 Words
ENG 1113 Honors 5 Essays

80% Written in class

Final Exam Essay

750 Words
ENG 1123 3 short essays (2 of which require documentation)

1 research paper or 2 shorter research papers

80% Written in class

Final Exam Essay

600+ words

1,500+ or 750+words

600+ words

Students who have successfully completed English Composition I (ENG 1113) move to English Composition II (ENG 1123), a course which requires readings in literature and analytical and persuasive writing. At least two papers must be documented, one of which must be a minimum of 1500 words.