Grading in the English Department

The Hinds English Department strives to grade uniformly. In order to standardize the grading process, the department has adopted the following criteria.

ENG 0113-No more than two major errors may be made in a test writing for a students to receive a grade of Satisfactory. In addition, content and ideas must be handled appropriately. At least five of the eight test writings must be Satisfactory in order for a student to pass the course. Students must make a "C" or above; no grade of "D" will be given.

ENG 0123-No more than two major errors may be made in test paragraphs and no more than three major errors in test essays for a student to receive a "C" or above. Ideas must be well-organized and supported. An overall grade of "C" (75) is required to pass the course.

ENG 1113-To receive a grade of "A" a paper must be rich in content, engaging, and thoroughly supported. The paper must have a meaningful pattern of development from beginning to end, varied sentence structure, and mature diction. An "A" paper cannot contain a major error. A "B" paper is characterized by informative and interesting content, well-supported assertions, good organization, mature sentence structure, and no more than one major error. A "C" paper has competent organization, commonplace content, and no more than two major errors. A "D" paper has insufficient support or organization and contains no more than three major errors. A paper with more than three major errors is a failing paper.

Major errors

Errors in subject-verb agreement, fragments, comma splices and fused sentences, verb errors (omitted endings, incorrect form)

Minor errors (Three minor errors are equivalent to one major error)

Errors in plurals, possessives, punctuation, pronoun case, pronoun agreement, and spelling.

Grading scale

• 92-100       A

• 82-91         B

• 72-81         C

• 65-71         D

• Below 65     F