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Canvas Faculty Training

 General Information regarding Canvas Integration

The eLearning and Information Technology departments at each institution are already working on the back-end implementation and setup of Canvas for our colleges.  Once this set up is complete the eLearning office will begin training faculty and staff on the new platform.  The system will "go live" for the summer 2013 term to students.

The eLearning staff is looking forward to this challenge and very excited about the changes that are being made to improve teaching and learning.  This is what you can expect with Canvas:

  • Clean, intuitive user interface, featuring drag and drop usability throughout
  • Notification options for faculty and students using Facebook, Twitter, text message and more
  • Significantly faster tools for grading (SpeedGrader) and various grade comment options
  • iPad compatible and free mobile apps
  • Wikis, RSS feeds, and web conferencing integrations
  • And much more...

Here is a short video on some of the features you will find in Canvas.

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The Hinds Canvas Workshop is part two of the faculty training.  All faculty should have viewed the training videos before viewing this online workshop. PDI credit is only available for attending a face-to-face workshop.

Faculty are encouraged to also attend the face-to-face workshop trainings.  The schedule is found on the Canvas Faculty page.

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Blackboard will be unavailable on June 1, 2013

What you need to do

Please review the training timeline below and begin working through the items available now.  Training videos can be found below. The Canvas platform will be available to faculty in a few weeks.  When you receive access you will see blank Spring shells in there.  You can begin building out your courses there.  Once summer shells create you can then export and import from the spring canvas shell to your summer Canvas shell.  However, we do NOT recommend a straight export from Blackboard into Canvas.  More details follow under Recommendations and Best Practices; however, please be aware – this Blackboard to Canvas straight migration will be very inefficient for you as you build your new courses.

Recommendations and Best Practices for Building Courses in Canvas

Included are recommendations for the best processes for migrating content from Blackboard to Canvas as well as the best practices for building an easy-to-navigate and clean Canvas course.

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Instructor Orientation Course How it works
Take a look at a course inside Canvas. This is a public video course designed to help
instructors quickly learn Canvas basics.

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cheat sheet
Need something to keep next to your desk? We have customized a Cheat Sheet that covers all the basics for Canvas. Just click here to download.


Please watch these short tutorials before attending any face-to-face workshop sessions.

For a full list of video tutorials, visit the Canvas Video Guide.

Additional Training Material



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