Course Descriptions - Raymond Campus & MSVCC

ACC 1213 PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING I - A study of the financial accounting principles that relate to business. The topics to be covered include the accounting cycle, accounting systems for service and merchandising businesses, assets, liabilities, and equity.

ACC 1223 PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING II - A continuation of ACC 1213. The topics to be covered include corporate accounting concepts, managerial accounting concepts and internal business decision making. Prerequisite: Accounting 1213.

BAD 1113 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS - This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of business. Students receive instruction regarding the current business and economic environment, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, financial management, and business careers.

BAD 1213 INTRODUCTION INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS - Introduction to international business theory and practices. Emphasis is placed on terminology and the importance of understanding cultural differences.

BAD 2214 Introduction to International Marketing- This course will focus on introducing students to international marketing theory and practices to include; economic, political and cultural aspects of international business operations.(3 hr lecture, 2 hr lab)

BAD 2413 LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS – An introduction to interrelationships of law and society, jurisprudence and business. Topics include an introduction to law, law of contracts, agency, and employment.

BAD 2533 COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY – This course is an introduction to MS Office Suite software, which is the industry standard. This software includes the components of an information system: spreadsheets, presentation graphics, database management, and word processing. Data entry and retrieval records management, and electronic communications are skills taught in this course.

BAD 2613 ENTREPRENEURSHIP – An applied business administration course designed to integrate the key principles of business planning, marketing, staffing, financing, management, and information systems to the task of starting, operating, and expanding a small business.

ECO 2113 PRINCIPLES OF MACROECONOMICS – The study of a nation’s economy to include the following topics: supply and demand, production possibilities, monetary and fiscal policies, factors of production, GDP/business cycles and economic growth, circular flow of market economies and international trade.

ECO 2123 PRINCIPLES OF MICROECONOMICS – The study of firms, industries, and consumers to include the following topics: supply and demand, elasticity of demand and supply, consumer choice theory, production and cost theory and market structures.