Welcome Students, to the wonderful world of Biology!

We will give you the foundation and tools to discover a career that is right for you! 

Hinds Community College has six campuses: Jackson Academic Technical, Nursing Allied Health, Rankin, Raymond, Utica Hinds, Vicksburg.

The departments of Biology at Hinds Community College are dedicated to the study of living organisms and the processes of life. Our courses are structured to meet the needs of all students who are interested in a career in the broad area of the life sciences, pursuing health related professions, or fulfilling graduation requirements or transferable credits to four year colleges or universities. As a community college we have smaller class sizes, individualized instruction, and frequent interaction with professors. We are affordable and have six campuses conveniently located near you.

The Utica Campus, as part of Hinds Community College, Utica MS

The Utica Campus, as part of Hinds Community College (formerly Utica Junior College — UJC), has a long history of serving the Utica community.  Utica Junior College was founded in 1903 as Utica Normal and Industrial Institute. The Biology Department is located in the Walter Washington Administration Building on the second floor. Students are paired with highly-trained professional biology instructors, small class sizes, and benefit from the close-knit, family atmosphere.  Students have the option of either living on the campus or commuting. The biology department offers Principles of Biology for non-majors, General Biology for majors, microbiology and anatomy and physiology. Online courses are offered through distance learning MVCCC.

Vicksburg Campus, Vicksburg MS

The Vicksburg campus offers biology courses day and night, as well as hybrid courses that combine classroom and online instruction. The biology courses are taught by highly trained professional faculty. The biology department is located in the Joseph Loviza Multipurpose Building.  This campus offers Principles of Biology for non-majors, General Biology for majors, anatomy and physiology, and microbiology. Online courses are offered through MVCCC.  The classes are small and offer individualized instruction.