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What courses are offered in Criminal Justice?

At Hinds Community College, the following courses are offered on the Raymond campus. All courses are typically transferrable to 4-year institutions; however, to insure that it will transfer as one of your prerequisites, you are strongly encouraged to check with your college of choice to be certain that the course will be accepted as needed.

Course Number


Credit Hours


CRJ 1313

Introduction to Criminal Justice


History, development, and philosophy of law enforcement in democratic society, introduction to agencies involved in the administration of criminal justice; career orientation.

CRJ 1323

Police Administration and Organization


Principles of police organization and management as applied to law enforcement agencies; introduction to concepts of organizational behavior.

CRJ 1363

Introduction to Correction


A study of the correctional process from conviction to institutionalization. Includes a history of punishment and prisons, a study of rehabilitation in prisons and an analysis of the rights of inmates.

CRJ 1383



Introduction to deviant behavior and current criminological theories with emphasis on synthesis and police applications; crime prevention and the phenomena of crime.

CRJ 2313

Police Operations


Line activities of law enforcement agencies with emphasis on the patrol function and the prevention of crime; includes traffic, investigative, juvenile, vice, and other specialized operational units.

CRJ 2323

Criminal Law


Basic overview of local, state, and federal laws; their development, application, and enforcement.

CRJ 2333

Criminal Investigation


Fundamentals of criminal investigation; theory and history; crime scene to courtroom with emphasis on techniques appropriate to specific crimes.

CRJ 2413

Administration of Criminal Justice


Criminal evidence for police; types of evidence; criminal procedure in various courts; arrest, search, and seizure, collection of evidence, discretion, and related topics.

CRJ 2513

Law Enforcement and the Juvenile


The role of police in juvenile delinquency and control. Organization, functions, and jurisdiction of juvenile elective agencies. Processing, detention, and disposition of cases. Statutes and court proceedings applied to juveniles.