Automotive Machinist Technology

Automotive Machinist Technology Program of Study

The Automotive Machinist program is an instructional program that prepares individuals for entry level employment in the automotive machinist field by providing classroom instruction and laboratory experiences using equipment comparable to that found in industry. Upon successful completion of the one-year program, students are awarded a Certificate.

Areas of Specialty Training
• Fundamentals for Automotive Machinists
• Cylinder Head Service
• Special Problems in Automotive Machinist
• Cylinder Block Service
• Engine Assembly and Testing
• Brake Rotor and Drum Machining
• Advanced Crankshaft Balance and Grinding
• Supervised Work Experience

Employment Potential
Students will find the Automotive Machinist program a reliable and thorough training ground for employment in the automotive machinist industry. The program has an excellent reputation with local industries looking for skilled workers and placement of students who complete the program is a top priority. Typical jobs filled by students who have completed this program include working for local automotive machine shops doing cylinder block work, cylinder head work, and tear down/inspection/assembly of automobile engines. Approximate salary range for beginning employees would be $6 to $10 per hour.

Gainful Employment Information

Automobile Machinist Certificate Program VC-AM


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9 months

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