Meet the Staff

Jackie Granberry, Vice President for Advancement and Student Success, not only serves as liaison between the Foundation and the College, but also oversees Enrollment Services, Retention, Student Activities and Admissions and Records; Libby Posey, Alumni Coordinator, coordinates Golf Fun Fest, Homecoming, the Annual Fund and Alumni Chapter development; Betty Carraway, Special Projects/Donor Relations Coordinator, is a Foundation employee who works with donors to establish and maintain funds for scholarships, faculty and staff development and other Foundation projects; Kathy Price, Advancement Specialist, manages Foundation funds and other projects; Louanne Langston, Director of Student Success, works with faculty, staff and administrators to develop policies and processes which assist students to reach their educational goals. Wendy Barnes, Office Manager, works to make sure the Advancement office runs smoothly, as well as coordinates the Hinds Heroes program; Fredna Cockerham serves Fountain Hall as Receptionist, making sure visitors feel welcome.


Granberry Barnes  Posey Langston

Jackie Granberry
Vice President for
Advancement and Student Success

Wendy Barnes
Office Manager

Libby Posey
Alumni Coordinator

Betty Carraway
Donor Relations




Fredna Cockerham

Louanne Langston
Director of Student Success

Kathy Price
Advancement Specialist