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Hinds Connection is the student recruiting and public relations group for Hinds Community College. Members of this group are carefully selected and trained. They not only recruit prospective students, they work with the administration, faculty, and staff of the college.

Kay Cliffe Memorial Award

Kay Cliffe

In 1988, Kay Cliffe, came to Hinds as a freshman from St. Louis, Missouri. Her sister, Colleen Hartfield, vice president for Community Relations at Hinds, encouraged her to enroll at Hinds. While at Hinds, Kay was full of life and active in campus life. She was an outstanding Hinds Connection member and was a fierce competitor in intramurals sports, according to Jackie Granberry, sponsor for Hinds Connection and vice president for Institutional Advancement.

Granberry said, "Her beauty was not just on the outside, but truly on the inside as well." After earning an associate's degree at Hinds, Kay transferred to Mississippi State University and finished there with a bachelor's degree in communications. She returned to St. Louis in 1993, began a career in marketing and enrolled in a MBA degree program.

Kay's life was brought to an untimely and tragic end by a senseless act of domestic violence in February of 1999. Her family and friends, wishing to keep the memory of Kay Cliffe forever alive, have established the Kay Cliffe Kay Cliffe Memorial AwardMemorial Award.

The Kay Cliffe Memorial Award is given to a Hinds Connection member who meets the following criteria:

  • A second year Hinds Connection member,

  • Possessing a 2.75 or higher grade point average,

  • Who exhibits the love of life and love of Hinds Connection that Kay displayed on a daily basis,

  • Whose beauty is inside as well as outside, and

  • Who blossomed after coming to Hinds and being involved in Hinds Connection.

Kay Cliffe Award

The award recipient will receive a monetary gift as well as a memento of the award. A permanent tribute of the coveted award remains in the Enrollment Management Office and lists the names of all recipients.

Past Recipients

2001 - Megan Reeves
2002 - Anna King
2003 - Veronica Shaw
2004 - Christy Granberry
2005 - Courtney Hamil
2006 - Ashley Ray
2007 - Lyndsey Thornton
2008 - Chelsea LeBlanc and Jon Thomas Smith
2009 - Jake Hartfield
2010 - Tatum Turan
2011 - Mark Jimmerson
2012 - Alexander Gandy
2013 - Leigh Sarrett
2014 - Kelsey Robertson 

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