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To ensure its compliance with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools—Commission on College’s (SACS-COC) Substantive Change Policy, Hinds Community College has developed and implemented the following:

Committee on Substantive Change

The Committee on Substantive Change will meet at least twice a year in November and in May and on an as needed basis to review the SACS-COC’s Substantive Change Policy and to review items submitted to the committee for the purpose of determining whether the proposed action meets the criteria for Substantive Change as described by SACS-COC.

All members of the Substantive Change Committee, except for the College President, will also be a part of either the Instructional Affairs Committees or District Student Services Committee (both of which meet monthly). Any changes to the College that would be deemed substantive changes must be presented the one of the two aforementioned committees, approved, and sent to the President for final approval. Items sent from either group to the President for final approval will include a statement regarding whether the change being requested meets the criteria for a substantive change or not.

In order to ensure the College will be proactive on reporting changes in a timely manner, the Instructional Affairs and District Student Services Committees will have an agenda item at their October and April meetings regarding Substantive Change. The SACS-COC Liaison will refresh the groups concerning Substantive Change policies and solicit additional substantive changes that need to be reported for implementation the following fall (presented at October meeting) or spring semester (presented at April meeting). This policy reaffirms that the College will follow the guidelines required by the Southern Association Commission on Colleges.

All of the minutes and approvals from the Instructional Affairs Committee and District Student Services Committee are sent to the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness to file for SACS-COC documentation. The Director of Institutional Research will review all approvals to make sure substantive changes were not overlooked. For those items which are determined to be substantive, the SACS Liaison will include them on the Substantive Change Committee agenda and the committee will determine which procedure is appropriate for reporting to the Commission.

At the Committee’s onset, the committee will review the institution’s current offerings and procedures to establish that the college is in compliance with the Substantive Change Policy of the Commission on College’s.

The College President or SACS-COC Liaison is responsible for notifying the Commission of any substantive changes. If further action is required by the Commission (such as a prospectus or additional documentation), the SACS-COC Liaison, with help from the Committee on Substantive Change, will prepare the documentation.

The College’s Substantive Change policy is published on its website.

The following positions will serve on the Substantive Change Committee to ensure that all areas of the College that would initiate Substantive Changes are represented:

  • College President
  • SACS-COC Liaison (committee chair)
  • Vice President of Raymond and Nursing and Allied Health Center and Director of Parallel Programs
  • Vice President Rankin Campus and Jackson Academic and Technical Center and Director of Occupational Programs
  • Vice President of Utica and Vicksburg Campuses
  • Dean of eLearning
  • Associate Vice President of Student Success/District Registrar
  • Director of Enrollment Services
  • Director of Institutional Effectiveness

The chart here details the areas of Substantive Change for which each person will be able to contribute.