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How to Join

If you meet the Honors Program criteria for admission and are ready to meet the challenge, then it’s time to enroll. You can do so in 3 easy steps.

How To JoinStep 1  Apply for Admission to Hinds Community College

Step 2  Complete the Honors Program Application

  • Download the Honors Application or pick up an application in the Honors Center (2nd floor, Administration Building, Raymond Campus).

  • Prepare a personal résumé.

  • Secure two letters of recommendation from former instructors. You may use

    the Word Recommendation Form.

  • Return all application materials (application, résumé, letters of recommendation) to the Honors Center.

  • Pay the $15 Honors Program fee.

Step 3 Enroll in Classes

How To JoinEach semester, Honors Program students must enroll in at least one honors class and the honors forum. If you have already set up your schedule for the upcoming semester and need assistance with reorganizing your classes, set up a counseling appointment in the Honors Center. We can help you add honors classes to your schedule.

To be a member in good standing in the Honors Program, you must:

  • enroll in at least one honors class

  • enroll in the honors forum

  • complete 10 hours of community service, as required in honors forum

  • earn an A or B in all honors classes

  • maintain an overall 3.0 GPA