Associate Degree Nursing

Associate Degree Nursing is a 2 year program that prepares the graduate as a generalist capable of providing competent, accountable client care in diverse settings. Major areas of emphasis encompass the following core components of nursing practice: professional behaviors, communication, assessment, clinical decision making, caring interventions, teaching and learning, collaboration and managing care.  Two options are available: the Generic Option and the Transition to RN Option.

Information Sessions
Information sessions are held at the Nursing/Allied Health Center on the first Friday of each month at 1 p.m., except holidays. These sessions will provide you with an opportunity to talk with nursing faculty, counselors, and financial aid representatives and to tour school labs.

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General Associate Degree Nursing Information

Transition to RN Option

The Transition to RN Option is designed to assist the licensed practical nurse (LPN), paramedic and respiratory therapist in making the transition to registered professional nurse (RN), in one calendar year. Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Exam for Register Nurses (NCLEX-RN®). Courses are offered at the Nursing/Allied Health Center of the Jackson Campus and at the Vicksburg Campus.  The Nursing/Allied Health Center is the only campus that accepts paramedics and respiratory therapists.  Criteria for Selection Complete and submit the following to: Office of Admissions, Nursing/Allied Health Center, 1750 Chadwick Drive, Jackson, MS 39204 Submitting information to other locations will delay the processing of the applicant's file.

  • TEAS-V (Test of Essential Academic Skills) scores at Proficiency Level.  Register for the TEAS-V at test is not passed, one more attempt is permitted w/required remediation and written permission.)  TEAS-V is not required if you have an 18 ACT composite and 18 reading and math sub scores (15 composite & math if taken prior to 10/89.  *Reading must be taken after 10/89.)

  • Validation of Current Unencumbered Practical Nurse License

  • Written recommendation from practical nursing instructor or immediate supervisor

Transition to RN Prerequisites

Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II; Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II Labs; Microbiology; Microbiology Lab; English Composition I and II; Human Growth and Development; Introduction to Sociology; Oral Communications or Interpersonal Communications; General Psychology I; Approved Humanities Elective (Must complete non-science prerequisite GPA of 2.0 or better); Completion of approved IV Therapy course.

Admission Requirements

Requirements for Associate Degree Nursing Program

Applicants for the nursing program must meet all General Admission Requirements of the College.  In addition to these requirements there are other requirements specific to nursing and allied health programs.

Admission to Nursing and Allied Health

Admission Requirements:

Admission Requirements: Generic Option

Admission Requirements: Transition to RN Option

Applications for Generic Option: Application for Admission to Hinds Community College

Application for Selection to the Generic Option Associate Degree Nursing Program

Applications for Transition to RN Option:

Application to Hinds Community College

Application for Selection to the Transition to RN Option Associate Degree Nursing Program

Process for Selection:

The Generic Option and the Transition to RN Option each have a defined process for selection.  There is also a defined process for selection for transfer admissions.

Process for Selection to Generic Option


Generic Option Associate Degree Nursing - Rating Scale

Process for Selection for Transition to RN Option

Process for Selection for Transfer Admission

Prerequisites to the First Clinical Course:

Prerequisites to First Generic Clinical Course (NUR 1119)

Prerequisites to First Transition to RN Option Clinical (NUR 2214)

Submit all completed forms and required information to:

Admissions Office, Nursing/Allied Health Center, 1750 Chadwick Drive, Jackson, MS 39204-3490

Submitting information to other locations will delay the processing of the applicant's file.

Core Performance Standards

The performance standards and activities have been identified as essential for successful progression and completion of this program. Students with a diagnosed disability who are unable to meet the standards are advised to contact the ADA counselor at the Nursing/Allied Health Center prior to program admission. 

Graduate Competencies

Upon successful completion of the Associate Degree Nursing program, the graduate will be prepared to:

  • Practice within legal, ethical, and regulatory frameworks of nursing.

  • Exhibit responsible work ethics.

  • Assume accountability for nursing care given by self and/or delegated to others.

  • Participate in professional development.

  • Participate in community service activities.

  • Communicate effectively with individuals, families, groups, and health care team members.

  • Document completely and accurately.

  • Make accurate comprehensive assessments related to client needs.

  • Use critical thinking, problem-solving, and nursing process skills to make valid, rational, justifiable clinical decisions.

  • Use evidence-based information to support clinical decision making.

  • Provide safe, accurate nursing care in diverse settings.

  • Incorporate community resources, environmental factors, culture and values in the provision of client care.

  • Integrate age specific competencies in caring for clients across the lifespan.

  • Demonstrate caring behaviors toward the client, significant support person(s), peers, and other members of the health care team.

  • Develop and implements teaching plans based on assessed needs for individuals, families, and groups.

  • Function as a productive member of the health care team to achieve client and organizational outcomes.

  • Utilize directions and feedback from others to achieve client and organizational outcomes.

  • Incorporate health promotion, disease prevention, and health protection in the delivery of client care.

  • Set priorities for client care.

  • Delegate client care to qualified personnel appropriately.

  • Manage care for groups of clients.

  • Practice in a cost efficient manner.

  • Demonstrate adaptability in relation to changes in the clinical environment.

  • Demonstrate competence with current technologies.

  • Manage time effectively.

Contact Information

For more information about the program or assistance with the admission process, call one of our Nursing/Allied Health Center counselors at 601.376.4802 or 601.376.4803 or the admission processor at 601.376.4813 (Generic Option); 601.376.4813 (Transition to RN Option).