Livestock Judging Team

Participation on a Livestock Judging Team affords students an excellent opportunity to refine their decision making and communication skills, as well as enhance their knowledge of animal production. These students are trained to evaluate classes of cattle, hogs and sheep based upon growth traits, performance records, carcass characteristics and maternal traits. Students will also learn how to resolve real life production situations using performance data and given scenarios.

Judging team members are given an opportunity to travel across the United States, and participate in various competitions where they can test their livestock evaluation and communication skills against other students from other two year colleges. Participation on a livestock judging team is a very rewarding activity that will allow a participant to meet and interact with industry leaders and make friends that will last a lifetime.

Hinds Community College has along history of successful livestock judging teams that has helped shape some of our states most prominent industry leaders. We hope that you will consider participating on our next year's team.