External Funded Grants Committee (EFGC)

Responsibilities of the committee will include:

  • To study and make recommendations for policy and procedures relative to grants submission and approval

  • To promote awareness and encourage faculty and staff participation in the securing of external funding to support the college mission and annual initiatives

  • To review and make recommendations to the college President and Board of Trustees regarding submission of grant applications and acceptance of grant funds

  • To serve on various ad hoc committees that will provide leadership in determining optimum opportunities for seeking external funding

Externally Funded Grants Committee Members

Raymond Campus

Colleen Hartfield, Vice President for Community Relations

Robert Gates, College Grant Writer

Jackie Granberry, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Russell Shaw, Vice President for Business Services

Myra McLendon, Grants Accountant

Betty Carraway, Coordinator of Special Project/Donor Relations

Rob Dunnam, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Pam Clevenger, Physics Instructor

Jackson Campus — Nursing/Allied Health Center

Dr. Libby Mahaffey, Dean of Nursing/Allied Health Center

Rankin Campus

Dr. Sue Powell, Vice President of Rankin Campus/Director of Occupational Programs

Jackson Campus — Academic/Technical Center

Dr. Leroy Levy, Dean Joyce Scott, History/Sociology Instructor

Utica Campus

Dr. Shirley Hopkins-Davis, Title III Coordinator

Bobby Pamplin, Program Manager, HUD Grant

Dr. Mae Catherine Jackson, Mathematics Instructor 

Vicksburg-Warren County Campus Hilton Dyar, Dean